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Farmville 2 Cheats

How to download the Trainer?

Step 1: Create your account here for free to download the Trainer:  Create Account

Step 2: Log in and download the Trainer here: Download

How to open the Trainer?

Step 1: Open the download file  and select the two files show on the picture below.

Step 2: Click continue and it will appear like the photo shown below.

 How to use the Trainer?

Step 1: Open the Trainer.

Step 2: As you can see, there's a text box on the Trainer. If you're using Google Chrome type chrome.exe, for Firefox plugin-sontainer.exe, and for Opera opera.exe

Step 3: Log in your Facebook Account and go to Farmville 2.

Step 4: While Farmville 2 is loading, go to Trainer and Click the "Attach To". Now it will take a few seconds to load, all the times it will look like its not responding but don't close it and just wait for it.

Step 5: Go to Trainer and click Shop+req. mets and more will be 0.

Step 6: Go to Farmville 2 and check the Market, most of the Items costs Free!

Step 7: To get more coins, go to Market and on the Search box type Manor. Buy it for Free and Sell it to many coins! Enjoy!

Note: This cheats doesn't belong to me. 

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